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At the end of each tour we have our tour participants tell us what they thought about their experience with us.  These are a few of the many written comments and thoughts that we have on file from those that have traveled with us on previous tours.

- Here is the finish of another great trip. (DW)

- Thanks to you and your daughter for planning such a great trip.  Just a few long days on the bus. (DP)

- Thanks Pete for another tour and all the great times. (GW)

- Thank You for a wonderful and memorable trip to Branson and Nashville.

- You are a super Tour Guide, very funny and friendly

- Hope to take another trip with you again in the near future

- We truly enjoyed our trip.  Keep up the good work of sharing your pleasures with others.  (RH)

- Thanks so much for making this such a wonderful trip.  We have lots of great memories. (RH)

- You are the best

- The Tour Director Pete and Bus Driver were very pleasant and kind.  A pleasure to share time with.

- Thanks for the memories

- Really enjoyed it.

- Thank You for the wonderful time, you are the greatest. We all love you, you are #1

- Play more music - maybe some Irish music.

- Thanks for the extras on our trip.

- More time at Duty Free.

- Very well organized, especially the baggage

- The trip was excellent.

- Mornings were a little too early.

- Very good trip - had a wonderful time. Everything was wonderful.

- I thought the tour was very organized and interesting

- Wonderful and lots of fun.

- Excellent driver and Pete did a fantastic job.

- Very good.  Too much to eat.

- excellent - It far exceeded our expectations.  We never thought we would see so much...Thanks Pete for a great trip.  This is one that my husband and I will always remember.

- excellent tour guide and bus driver.

- overall very good.  Distance to get there somewhat tiresome.

- to me they (hotels) were very good, and clean.

- excellent driver and tour guide.  A very good crew on the motor coach.  We would recommend Pete Roy tours.

- hotels were excellent

- Great - no complaints.

- I really enjoyed the trip, it was my first time.

- we enjoyed the Pete Roy Christmas tour very, very much!!  It was wonderful from beginning to end and exceeded our expectations.  Great work!  Well done!

- we thought that the trip was excellent!  You are an exceptional tour guide and the driver was and excellent driver.

- Pete, you made us feel relaxed and entertained and informed on the drive.

- overall, this was a very enjoyable and well organized trip that could only be rated excellent.
Customer feedback
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